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History of Used Clothing...
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Before the development of automotive transport, the rag and bone men were a vital component within society for the successful trade of used textiles. Householders had limited ability to travel and therefore this facility was used widely in the supply of materials and clothing throughout this time.

Just as the costermongers and street vendors formed the distributive side of the industry at this time, the rag and bone man supported the recycling and/or re-manufacturing of products. A stance which was to outlive costermongers, who became settled market vendors once transport links developed sufficiently to allow householders visit the markets themselves.

Boarding a bus/tram carrying rags or bones was not something the average householder wanted to do, so the rag and bone man still had a valuable service to provide.

The rag and bone man has come a long way since the stereotypical horse and cart collections door to door.