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Retail Collections...
Randisi Textiles Ltd
Mulgrave Street
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01274 309111
Fax: 01274 309222
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Buyers of end of line, excess and insolvency stock.

Randisi Textiles Recycling Ltd collect shop returns, both new and slightly imperfect or damaged.
We will take;

Handbags & Belts

Items are brought to our premises to be stored and logged. Our premises are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Fully trained and experienced staff de-tag the goods in arrival. The tags are removed along with brand names, barcodes and swing tags etc.

We detag the goods by staff trained to do this. Tags are removed along with brand names, barcodes and swing tags. These are then destroyed.

Once the items have gone through our screening process they are then they are then sold onto Eastern European countries, Africa or Pakistan. Alternatively customers can specify where they want the goods exported to.