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Collections from Schools...
Randisi Textiles Ltd
Mulgrave Street
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01274 309111
Fax: 01274 309222
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At Randisi Textiles Recycling Ltd we believe children are the key to effective and sustainable future recycling. A healthy awareness promote now within our youngsters is paramount.

We therefore, will help facilitate within schools an easy to manage recycling programme. Schools will be able to both raise funds for resources and raise awareness throughout the different year groups.

Schools can contact us to sign up to the scheme and book a delivery/collection date for bags. We think 7 days is an optimum time for people to fill and return recycled items to school.

If storage facilities are at a minimum within the school, we will come and collect either at the start or end of the school day to suit you.

As for how many collections you should have – we suggest 3 every term, thus allowing time for everyone to save up for collections. The more collections, the more money your school can raise.

When you feel like starting the scheme, we will happily help you get everything up and running. We can provide a flyer to promote your scheme within the school which you can them photocopy and perhaps send out with letters home. Once this is done, why not hold an assembly focussing on the benefits of recycling. We can come along to this if you feel it would be beneficial. We can even accommodate a vist for students to our premises, although this would be restricted by numbers.

Textile/Shoe bank

We can supply your school with a FREE textile and shoe bank to go on your school site.  Click here for Textile Banks.
  • FREE Recycling Bank  (worth £600) 
Call us today and give us all your school details and we will arrange a day someone can come and visit your school and check the site is suitable for the banks to be placed.  Once the site has been given the all clear we will call you the day before delivery to deliver your banks.  The banks will be emptied on your request.

  • Option 1- we pay you the school in full for the items collected
  • Option 2- we pay you the school half and the charity of your choice half
  • Option 3- we pay the charity of your choice the full amount collected
We Recycle:
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bags & Belts
  • Hats & Scarves
  • House hold textiles
We support many charities and by joining our scheme you can raise funds for your school and a charity of your choice.

We also do a bag scheme for those schools that cannot accommodate the banks. For more details on the prices we pay give us a call today.

Click for link to letter for schools